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DIY Floral Hula Hoops!

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Let’s admit it that all of you have some time in your lives played with a hula hoop!!! (It’s such great fun!!)

I decided to try the latest craze of Hula Hoop Floral Decors for my sister’s 40th Birthday decorations! She didn’t want to see a 40th Birthday sign in sight so we went with some Floral Hoops instead and they were so easy to make and a hit with everyone on the day! This is a great idea for any party or Wedding the perfect Photo Frame or Decoration!

The first step get some Hula Hoops I picked them up in the euro shop, decide on the ribbon you want to use -I used gold satin ribbon to cover the hoops and gather the Flowers you want to use I got some greenery.

Wrap the hoops with the ribbon, pull the ribbon tight so that it covers the hoop evenly, I secured it with some tape.

Next, add your flowers or greenery to the hoop, I used Floral wire to secure the greenery to the hoop.

Once secure then you add the balloons, I used some string to attach them and covered the hoop with some gold Tulle to hide the string!


If you are want to use them for a backdrop display, use some clear fishing tackle to hang them x

Show us your pics of your Floral Hula Hoops!

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