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Wedding Dilemmas 101 - How to keep your Mother-in-law happy in the run up to your wedding day!

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It seems that Mothers in Law get a bad name. Maybe it’s from the several American movies released which use them as a perfect opportunity to create a dramatic, yet humorous recipe for the ever-appealing romantic comedy. Think ‘Monster in Law’ or ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. Or maybe it’s because the horror story of one woman’s experience of a nightmare mother in law among a thousand good mother in law stories, may seem more interesting and therefore travel faster.

Even the sound of a Mother in Law can conjure up some unsavoury images similar to that of a baddie or a villain who comes in the way of your favourite heroin in your much-loved childhood fairy-tale. However, don’t let all that put you off I’m sure your Mother in law is lovely and understanding! And even if she isn’t, one thing is for sure you will want to keep her happy in the run up to your wedding day.

Fear not, we have some lovely Léanas tips on how to do this!

Ask her to help out or organise something

If you give her a set task to do she will be focused on doing it to the best standard she can and she will feel grateful that you trust her with the responsibility. Play to her strengths. If you know she is crafty and creative and you haven’t got a creative bone in your body then why not ask her if she would organise the flowers for the church.

Include her in key events

Ask her if she would like to come along when you are wedding dress shopping. This could be a family affair or you could just humour her by trying some dresses on for her in the early stages of your wedding planning and getting her opinion.

Spend some quality time together just the two of you

Chances are your Mother in law has planned her own wedding once and she could offer you some good advice. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and she could give you tips on what and what not to do. You don’t have to take this advice but she will feel appreciated nevertheless. You could also use this time to get to know her better and what your hubby to be was like as a child and steer away from wedding talk.

Have a Mother’s day out with both you and your Fiancé

Both you and your fiancé could invite your mothers to dinner or go sight-seeing for a day. This will build some fond memories and gives both mothers a chance to bond and chat which takes the heat off you and your future hubby! Win-Win!

Kill her with Kindness!

Naturally, you will want to give your Mother a wedding gift and it would be nice to include your mother in law when doing this too as it seals the deal for good vibes to come! We at Léanas Gift in a Box have beautiful Mother of the bride and groom gifts that offer special sentiments that they will treasure for years to come. They cost roughly the same amount as a bouquet of flowers but last a lot longer! You could also pair our gift boxes with a beautiful bouquet for added brownie points!

Happy wedding planning ladies!

Orla x


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We have had such an amazing year taking the plunge and starting Léanas Gift in a Box. It all started last March when we decided to just go for it and take the gamble, at the end of the day the worst that can happen! We were brimming with excitement so many ideas, our heads were in overdrive now to get the ideas on paper and get our dream started was next course of action.

We had the main concept a Gift in a Box – but we wanted a special crafted box that would stand out from the crowd, lots of searching on Pinterest, idea boards, viber chats back and forth we decided on our vintage theme – it’s all about the ribbon, twine, buttons, straw and presentation.

Then the hunt started for the gifts; we wanted something special that would appeal to everyone with we went on some shopping roadtrips (coffee and buns were a bonus!) in search of our gift selection xx Now we had some gifts and an idea we needed logos, website, social media accounts, bank accounts the list went on!

Roll on May 2016 we were ready to go live Léanas Gift in a Box was launched x Since then we have been going non-stop attending fairs, launching our Christmas Collection, getting our professional website, meeting our fantastic customers and of course sending Gift Boxes! 2016 was super for us and we cannot wait to get started for 2017…

We have some more exciting plans coming on aboard for Léanas Gift in a Box; we hope you love our Gift Boxes as much as we do!

Keep tuned for updates, Team Léanas - Ber & Anne xx

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