Tis the season to be Jolly!

  • Leanas Christmas Gift In A Box Kerry

Hope you are all feeling merry and happy and looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year.. So our Christmas shopping spree started in August this year, been newbies to the gift business we went in search across our emerald isle for some Christmas goodies!

Santa’s Elves AKA Team Léanas (nutters Ber & Anne!) took off to the big smoke Dublin so we left the kingdom for our first “Trade Fair” we meant big business ;)

It was like a Christmas wonderland… but we were on a mission to put Christmas in a Box, not just any box but a pretty vintage Léanas Box! Celtic Candles wowed us over with their Christmas Scents….Cinnamon & clove, French vanilla, Frankincense & Myth… we were sold!

Candles sorted, we were onto our next road trip….this time we stayed local in the kingdom and took a trip over the mountains to Dingle the home of Fungi! We were on the hunt for Dovinia’s Handmade Chocolate “Food of the Gods” this award winning chocolate was a winner for us.

We were hooked with Prosecco and Raspberry White Chocolates (as every woman would be!) and Salted Carmel Milk Chocolate, we were in heaven!

Next on our list was something to pamper our weary bones for the cold winter ahead, so we headed for Kinsale, across the border to the Rebel land!!

This trip was worth it – “Wild Atlantic Natural Soaps” Christmas Bath Bombs, the fabulous scents alone were enough to sell us... Spiced Orange, White Christmas, Peppermint Candy and Christmas Rose, packed in with dried orange, cinnamon and rose petals, they are only fabulous and would spoil that special person in your life or any Irish Mammy that needs a treat after doing the Christmas dinner!

Then late October it all came together we found a Christmas Ribbon and our Rose Gold Christmas Wishes arrived…

They were perfect; we had created Christmas in a Box, Léanas style! Then the fun started how were we going to present and pack our emerald Christmas Goodies, Santa’s Elves had a few disagreements as all sisters do… armed with Léanas Christmas Cards, snow and festive red tissue paper Léanas Christmas Gift Box was complete, we were ready to send some Christmas Wishes xx

So this Festive Season, why not send a Christmas wish to your family and loved ones and share the love this Christmas.

Love, Sending Christmas Wishes, Love team Leanas ( AKA Ber & Anne)